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housewares show

Monday, September 17, 2012 8:12:28 PM America/New_York





Exhibitors and buyers of housewares from around the world once again converged at Chicago’s McCormick Place for the International Home & Housewares Show. Among those showcasing their latest products and innovations were companies that produce and/or supply various types of brushes, brooms, mops, squeegees, sponges and related cleaning wares. 


Representatives from four companies that took part in the 2012 edition of this annual event, held this year on March 10-13, were interviewed by Broom, Brush & Mop Magazine.They discussed many new product introductions and innovations that are designed to meet today’s demands placed by various retail customers and end-use consumers.

Zaven Gunjian, Brushtech Vice President of Sales


U.S. companies that produce brushes today slated for use in and around the home know the true value of innovation. In order to successfully compete against imports that are often made with cheaper labor, domestic manufacturers such asBrushtech, Inc., of Plattsburgh, NY, rely on a continuous cycle of product introductions that help consumers better perform specific cleaning tasks. 


“It’s a competitive market. If you are not doing something new, you are ancient history,” Brushtech Vice President of Sales Zaven Gunjian said. "It’s important our company is always paying attention to what new products consumers are buying. This is done so we can develop new brushes to clean those products." 


“As soon as a new brush starts to do well, the copycats begin appearing from overseas. Therefore, we have to keep fresh and stay one step ahead.”


Since 1976, all Brushtech products have been produced at the company’s upstate New York facility. It has also been a regular exhibitor at the International Home & Housewares Show over the years. This is an event, Gunjian said, that helps his company keep in touch with existing clients while also seeking out new customers.


“It’s always nice to put a face with a name when working with customers, which we can often do at the Housewares Show,” he said. “If we send a product sample in the mail and that customer doesn’t take the time to read the attached letter, then there is no hope of reaching that person about the product. But here at the show, I can exhibit all of our products and explain how each item can save a person money.” 


Brushtech specializes in making a variety of unique twisted-in-wire brushes. This includes those designed to clean barbecue grills; goblets, flutes and decanters; dishes, pots, pans, glasses and mugs; dryer vents ducts and lint traps; microwaves, refrigerator coils and dishwashers; toilets, clogged sink drains and waste food disposals; hummingbird feeders; laboratory glassware; outdoor furniture and many other items.


Among the new products showcased this year by Brushtech were brushes designed to help the end-user clean smaller size goblets, brushes that featured a foam tip, and barbecue grill cleaning brushes that have heavy-dusty brass bristles. 


“We also have come out with new brushes to better clean narrow-neck vases where a human hand cannot reach,” Gunjian said. 


Gunjian reported that he is starting to see signs of a slow U.S. economic recovery taking shape, which is certainly good news for everyone involved in domestic brush making.


“Business right now is not as good as during the peak periods that were experienced in the past, but we are very hopeful for the future,” Gunjian said.


“I’ve recently talked to customers who have held on to our company’s product samples for several years and who are just now ready to take a serious look at those samples. This is a good sign for the future. It also tells me that we, as a company, must be doing something right if they are willing to keep our samples around for that length of time."


“I’m also seeing more customers coming back to U.S.-made products. This is due to better delivery times and quality concerns. These factors are balancing out cheaper labor rates that can be found from overseas.” 


Contact: Brushtech Inc., 4 Matt Ave., P.O. Box 1130, Plattsburgh, NY. 12901. Phone: 518-563-8420. 
Website: www.brushtechbrushes.com.




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B217C 5 Gallon Carboy Washing Brush

Friday, December 2, 2011 4:54:16 PM America/New_York



Many people love their carboys, but boy! do they dislike cleaning them! At Brushtech, cleaning is a very serious affair and we want to make you at peace with cleaning, maybe even enjoy it... We have an entire R&D department dedicated to figuring out how to clean the inside of that watchyamacallit? thingamagig? barrel with the neck? the water cooler tank thing? the what, the who? oh you mean the carboy! Yes, we can get that clean. no problem. Check out our Video. I hope this helps.

MODEL : B217C .................... UPC# : 079115-002179

  • Brush does not scratch glass or plastic.
  • No-woven pad section rubs and dislodges dried up residue.
  • Made for glass and plastic 5 Gallon Carboys
  • Fill carboy bottle about 1/5th of the way with hot water to use brush.
  • Product Dimensions L: 23"  W: 6.5"  H: 2.25"


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2429 Comments | Posted in New Brushes By Zaven Gunjian